Dinosaur Footprints at Phu Faek Forest Park


During late 1996, two local girls - 10-year-old Kalayamas Singhnaklong and 11-year-old Patcharee Waisane, found a set of dinosaur footprints at the site of Phlan Hin, also known as Wang Khruea Chan at the hillfoot of Phu Faek in King Amphoe Na Khu in Kalasin province. Later on, the dinosaur exploration team from the Department of Mineral Resources discovered 21 footprints along the 6 pathways walking in different directions. From those, there are three obvious walkways as indicated as follows:

Seven total footprints were found on the first walkway walking to the southeast direction (120 degrees) with three giant toe prints, approximately 45 centimetres long and 40 centimetres wide. Each footprint is 120 and 110 centimetres apart. This style of footprints are mostly of carnivorous dinosaurs; such as, Carnosaur, which walked on its 2 legs.

The second pathway was aiming towards the northeast direction (60 degrees) and contains 2 footprints. Each of the footprints has 3 toe prints. And the third pathway also consists of 3 footprints walking towards the northeast direction (37 degrees). Each footprint also has 3 toe prints.

This Phlan Hin site belongs in the sandstone layer of the Phra Wiharn rock formation in the early Cretaceous period about 140 million years ago.