Ayutthaya Handicrafts


The Ayutthaya period was considered to be the golden age of Thai art. The craftsmanship of the work from Ayutthaya was superb and unique in every discipline, including architecture, painting and sculpture. This level of quality extended to both the royal and common craftsmen.

At the time of the fall of the Ayutthaya Kingdom, its people scattered to escape the war. Once the conflict had run its course, the people slowly began to resettle and revive their practiced crafts.

Now that Ayutthaya has been recognised as a World Heritage Site of Culture, this legacy of craftsmanship has become popular as souvenirs with tourists that frequent the city. Moreover, many items also serve a practical use in daily life. For example,

Khlong Sa Bua Cruses are the craft made with an old skill that has been passed down over generations since the Ayutthaya period. These days, the Khlong Sa Bua community still produces cruses, an earthenware pot, by employing the same techniques their ancestors did. Visitors can stop by Khlong Sa Bua near Wat Na Phra Men, to see how these earthenware pots are crafted and purchase their own.

The Aranyik Knife is made of a very strong iron and honed to a fine edge, making it ideal for many kinds of tasks. The knives are produced at Ban Phai Nong and Ban Ton Pho, Ayutthaya-Tha Ruea Road, Tha Chang sub-district, Nakhon Luang district. Astonishingly, almost every home in the area produces the knives. You can see their production and buy your own at Winai Ruaicharoen’s Shop, S. Aranyik Cultural Centre, Tra Samo Knife Shop, Tra Mara Knife Factory and many more places.

Palm Leaf Carp Mobile is a staple handicraft of the Muslim community in Ban Hua Laem, Tha Wasukri sub-district, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya district. While it has become a popular souvenir among tourists, it is a craft that has been passed down for over a century. The main market for these is in front of the Phra Mongkhonbophit image hall, but if you would like to see how these are made, you can visit Ban Hua Laem and Rattanachai Shop on Rotchana Road.