Klong Hantra (Northeastern of Koh Mueang)


Khlong Hantra is a branch of the Pasak River that wends past many wonderful and old temples, such as Wat Pa Ko, Wat Dusitaram and Wat Hantra. The area is very cool and pleasant with a rustic lifestyle. According to the Royal Chronicle, Hongsawadee army Viceroy Burengnong invaded the camp of Phraya Mahasena at Tung Hantra. The army of Phraya Mahasena was scattered and escaped into Khlong Hantra to cross over to Wat Maheyong.

Kayak service is available at the Sevenseas Restaurant across from the railway station.

Boat paddling is available at Jook-Ya boat service in front of Wat Phanan Choeng. 08-9220-8637, 08-9805-6165