Enjoy unique handicrafts, taste local food and shop at the floating market


Enjoy unique handicrafts from Hua Laem villagers, known for their beautiful palm leaf fishes. Local souvenirs from this area have made the rounds for over a century. In the past it was hung above a baby’s crib, but these days it has become more of general home decoration. Stop by to see the production of this unique craft and buy them right at the Baan Hua Laem community.

Taste the local cuisine: Bikers who stop by Wat Yai Chai Mongkol should not miss out on the famous boat noodles in front of the temple, followed by traditional Thai desserts, such as freshly made fried banana fritters from vendors along the side walk. That’s not all, since you are in Ayutthaya, you must try the all-time favorite, Roti-Saimai (cotton candy wrapped in a thin flour sheet). There are many shops to choose from in front of Phra Nakhon Sri Ayutthaya Hospital.

Shop at the floating market: There are many floating markets popping up around the city as a reminder of days gone by. Ayothaya Floating Market reproduces the atmosphere of houses along the river as shops, each with connecting passages and using the names of the districts of Ayutthaya as names of the buildings. Khlong Sra Bua Floating Market, near Wat Na Phramen, offers local dramas performed on a stage on the water. The stories told include those from famous Thai literature, such as Lilit Phra Lor (Phra Lor following the chicken), Phra Suthon Manora (Phra Boon captures Manora), Krai Thong, Kanthankumarn Chadok, Chantakorob (Opening casket and finding Manora), Sang Thong (Finding the mate), Sanaeha Kakhi and many more.