Chanthaburi Horticultural Research Centre


Horticultural Research Centre – Chanthaburi is situated next to Khao Sa Bap, making its surroundings have plenty of fresh air and suitable for a collection of rare antique durian in Thailand. The current farmers prefer to plant only a few durian species serving the specific demand of the local durian market with the original species of durian being Chani, Kan Yao, and Mon Thong. The Centre did not only conduct research and develop durian species, but also collected varieties of durian, which were abundant in the past, famous and featured flavours that very unique; such as, Kop, Luang, Kampan, and Thong Yoi. Beyond that, the Centre has a garden with many different types of plants having aromatic and fragrant flowers, roots, and stems. Along the walkway inside the Centre, there is an Orchid Nursery that collects many species of ferns. The highlights of the Orchid Nursery are the rare orchids: Lueaung Chanthabun – the Orchids that are the symbol of Chanthaburi province. Visitors can watch the demonstration of how to collect durian, how to grow and take care of durian, as well as a chance to taste rare species of durian. The Centre preserves over 500 varieties of durians, which is believed to be the largest durian gallery in the world.

Activities to explore when visiting the Centre.

1. Walking tour: Explore the orchard with a guide.

2. Cycling tour: Ride a bike to explore the orchard led by a guide. (Rental fee for a bike is 20 Baht per hour).

3. Tram ride: A guide will accompany you to explore the orchard. (200 Baht per round).

4. Collect and taste fruits: A guide will lead you to collect and taste fruits. During May to June, there is an event of tasting old and new varieties of durian and there may be a mixed species of rambutan.

Address : Tambon Tapon, Amphoe Khlung, Chanthaburi 22150

GPS Location : N12.51077, E102.16969.

Contact : Chanthaburi Horticultural Research Centre Tel. +66 3939 7030, +66 3939 7146.

Facilities : Houses, tents and bikes for rent, local guides.

Hint before you go : Plan a visit during April to May in order to explore both the orchids and durian plantations.

Tips : Ride a bicycle to explore the Centre is recommended due to its vast area.