The Royal-initiated Fruits Development Centre - Chanthaburi


Within the Centre, there are demonstrations of agricultural methods as H.M. the King initiated, including farming of fruits and animals, water retention, as well as the areas for study, experiment, and development of produce by organic farming. It is aimed to reduce production costs and the use of chemicals, so the produce will be safe for consumers, and can be sold in both domestic and international markets. The Centre has an outstanding performance on the aspects of “soil, water, and cultivation.”

1. Water

Tourists can see the retention of water by a small dam in order to slow its flow and turbulence, and allow the water to be absorbed into the ground. This will increase the ground moisture, yield better bio-diversity, prevent the erosion of soil, and collect sediments and residues of plants and carcasses coming down with the water. It also helps slow the process of lessening the depth of the water source, improves the quantity and quality of water, as well as provides enough water for the use of people and animals within the Centre.

2. Soil

The Centre illustrates the preparation of soil for planting its crops. Since the soil contains high acid easily causing diseases to plants, the Centre must take into consideration the suitability for each type of crops to be grown. To improve the soil, the Centre applies manure on a regular basis, and introduces cover cropping as well as crop rotation, including the use of straw covering the soil to protect its moisture and fertility. All are to prevent soil quality deterioration.

3. Cultivation

Visitors can see a model of organic farming under the sufficiency economy philosophy with its strengths on raw materials; such as, leftover plants and manure used to produce enough compost for planting the crops. The 21st Infantry Regiment, King’s Guards is the main workforce taking care of the crops that yield good quality fruits; such as, durian, mangosteen, and longkong, and some are to present to the King. It is a great opportunity to taste the fruits here since it is the King’s orchard.

Address : Ban Thung Tanot Mu 8 Tambon Tha Luang, Amphoe Makham, Chanthaburi 22150

GPS Location : N12.72923, E102.11930.

Contact : Chanthaburi Agriculture Office Tel. +66 3937 3136.

Facilities : Toilets, parking space.

Hint before you go : Free admission. Advance contact is required. There is no restaurant inside. Prepare your own tents if you want to stay overnight. It is recommended to wear sneakers during a visit to make your trip move convenient.

Tips : If staying overnight during January to March, you will see the picturesque light of faith on the hilltop of Khitchakut.