Suan Sadetyat


Suan Sadetyat takes care of its orchard with a mixture of organic farming and chemicals in order to produce fruits in season. It requires nutrient management technologies suitable for each plant at a reasonable cost to balance the return on investment. Therefore, a mixed organic-chemical fertiliser is used. Although organic fertiliser contains less nutrients and slowly gives them to plants, such nutrients consist of complete components and benefit all plants while the chemical fertiliser offers major nutrients in quantity, and plants can use them quickly. By this way, the orchard farming at Suan Sadetyat is easier.

Prime fruits here are mangosteen, rambutan, and durian. They are grown by using organic farming methods, so the fruits are clean and eatable. Entrance fee is 100 Baht. The unique character here is its large vehicle – Jeep or huge American pickup trucks that can take a huge group of visitors at once – which encourages more fun during the orchard tour. There are rooms for visitors who want to stay overnight. Furthermore, the orchard provides facilities for recreational activities; such as, a fruit-eating competition, and a fruit weight quiz.

Facilities : Local guides on board the Jeep trucks.

Hint before you go : The orchard belongs to an entertainment senior columnist of Thai Rath – a giant daily newspaper of Thailand, so there will be Thai superstars visiting the orchard every two weeks of the operating period.

Tips : Open during May to July. Not all year round. It is highly recommended to call and check the time of superstars’ visit ahead of your trip.