Herb Garden

Chanthaburi Herb Garden


This herb garden is the resource of herbs, as it is responsible for supporting The Department of Medical Sciences for research and experimental production and medications. Inside the garden, there is a steaming factory, which divides herbs into their deserved processes: roots, wood, trunk, branches. With high humidity, these will be steamed first while the leaves will be sunbathed as it is easier. There are nurseries for rare herbs in order to preserve for further medication production. Visitors can earn knowledge at their own pace as the garden herbs including all kinds of plant, along the relaxing paths have all trees tagged with label telling their names and properties. Those who are interested in traditional Thai medicine will find it more interesting than modern medication which needs higher doses of chemicals usage if the disease cannot be cured whereas herbs gradually treat the illness with less side effects. Therefore, herbs will definitely not disappear from modernity.

Facilities : Car parking.

Hint before you go : Herb Garden is a government organisation that operates according to official hours. There is no restaurant in the garden, so be prepared before exploring this beautiful garden.

Tip: Appointment is strongly recommended before visiting.