Herb Garden

Agricultural Occupation Promotion and Development Centre Chanthaburi Province (Bee)


The agro-tourism of bees here provides academic knowledge as well as fun of behavioural studies and the life cycle of bees, and a variety of economic insects. Moreover, visitors can closely watch the raising of bees and producing of bee’s products. For those who want to practice raising bees, stingless bees, crickets and other insects which generate income for farmers, they can learn from the very initial steps until the final episode of getting pure honey, as well as other processes of producing soap, balm, cream which are herbal products from animals, and has become more acceptable and much sought-after abroad.

Being the learning centre and the agro-tourism attraction of bees, insects, and processing of products has made this Centre well-equipped for fun along with friendly officials who are prompt to convey understanding about insects. That is why this Centre is always a must for visitors not only just to explore the park but also to get familiar with the benefits of bees. Come and experience for yourself how bees influence the agricultural way of Thais.

Facilities : Meeting rooms, restaurants, toilets, car parking.

Hint before you go : Forget the danger of bees as there are experts to provide you more knowledge with safety and in a professional way.

Tip : Shop for souvenirs here – all products are high quality worth for souvenirs.