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Chantabun Riverside Community in Tha Luang Area


In the past, the Tha Luang area was a centre of trade in Chanthaburi dating back to 100 years ago. Making this area as a residential community of Chinese merchants - even until these days, those houses are well preserved as original as well as their ways of life. They are still beautiful in terms of architecture, design and decoration of the houses. The area demonstrates its uniqueness through the design of the doors and windows of fretwork patterns with delicate craftsmanship of the Chanthaburi school - another interesting historical town of Chanthaburi.

Currently, the Tha Luang area has adopted tourism by refurbishing its historical buildings to be a variety of stores, restaurants, sweet shops, and art galleries, adding more charms to this local area. Walking along the streets makes visitors feel like pacing back through time with those buildings, and life of the neighbourhood reflecting the once glorious days of Chanthaburi. In that area these days, it is easy to find hotels and guest houses within in the location that can access to other areas of Chanthaburi.

Facilities : Restaurants, hotels, guesthouses.

Hint before you go : Walking streets in the Tha Luang area are filled with chic restaurants worth exploring.

Tip : Staying in this area - the centre of the province – is more convenient to access other areas.