Herb Garden

Headman Khamnueng Chanasit Garden


The garden belongs to the village headman, Khamnueng Chanasit, a local of Tambon Song Phi Nong, Amphoe Tha Mai, Chanthaburi Province. He is the farmer who has applied knowledge and direct experience all his lifetime until becoming today’s success. He has opened his own house to be a centre welcoming all visitors to explore a garden running under the sufficiency economy concept as guided by HM. The King. Under the guideline of “Following the footsteps of Father ... being sufficient,” visitors will explore the bio-fermentation and fertilisers, herb marinated water for insect-repellent, frog, fish, and duck breeding in very organic ways, making salted eggs by applying the herb named “Wan Sao Long”, plant propagation, mixed cultivation, preservation of folk medicinal herbs, and many more. Each course includes a lecture and an actual field trip, so visitors can have a better understanding. Moreover, there is homestay accommodation for those who want to learn or experience more local ways of life.

Facilities : Car parking, toilets, restaurants, homestay residence, local guide with knowledge of agriculture.

Hint before you go : Visitors should wear proper clothes to ease exploring the garden.

Tip : Fruits sold in front of the garden are fresh and affordable compared to those stalls along the roadside.