Herb Garden

HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn


More than 260 species of herbs are collected here for education as well as to be a recreational park for the public. They are categorised into 20 groups according to their medicinal properties; such as, blood tonic, anti-cancer, medicinal skin lotions, and aromatic treatment. Visitors can ride a bicycle or join a guided tour by a NGV car service with a local guide providing in-depth knowledge throughout various sections of the park while visitors can learn and enjoy sightseeing as well as be more relaxed along the ride through this herb garden.

In the Celebration Building, visitors can explore the exhibition via several media formats providing knowledge with fun, and making it more interesting; for example, exhibition of The Journey of a Dipterocarpus Fruit, exhibition of The Royal Conservationist, exhibition of Power for a Sustainable Future, exhibition of Folk Herbalism, exhibition of Eating by The Elements, exhibition of the world of Herbs, and many more. After visiting this herb garden, you will definitely earn knowledge and have a better understanding of as well as help prolong Thai herbal wisdom heritage.

Facilities : NGV car, bike for rent, food centre, Thai massage, and healthy souvenirs.

Hint before you go : Open from 09.00-16.30 hrs everyday. Closed on Monday. No entrance fee.

Tip : Group visitors should reserve in advance to arrange a guided tour.