Mangrove Resources Development Station 2 (Ban Tha Son, Chanthaburi)


Mangrove Resources Development Station 2 is located in the Welu River estuary in Klung District. This area is covered with plentiful resources of mangrove forests. It is one of the most popular attractions in Chanthaburi. Tourists who admire nature would be fascinated with the unique ecosystem of this mangrove forest by exploring and learning about the natural beauty, or joining our popular recreational activities available.

Relaxing activities we proudly present are exploring the mangrove forest on the wooden bridge where you will find a vast diversity of intriguing water creatures and plants awaiting for your discovery. There are 6 rest areas with picture boards and information to share with you the ecological values of the mangrove forest.

Waterfowl watching is another fun activity that you can enjoy in the grassland ecosystem with small sandy beaches and water pools, where a number of birds fly in and use as their sources of food. The station will provide tourists with binoculars and telescopes for bird-watching. The best season we recommend for this event is during winter as large groups of birds are migrating to the area.

Besides, station also has other ecotourism activities; such as a kayak tour to explore the charms of the mangrove forest, a bike tour to breathe in fresh air, as a way to promote exercising alongside admiring the forest beauty, along a 4-km route.

The highlight of our adventurous tour is a boat trip taking about 30 minutes to watch the red-backed white-necked eagles (Brahminy Kites) at Len tak Village, around 6-7 kilometres away. Before the exciting moment of watching the Brahminy kites, visitors will enjoy the evening beauty of the Welu river estuary and the coastal sight of the mangrove forest with the scene of fishermen working on fishing nets, and traps or engaging in fish-farming baskets.

The stunning moment is when hundreds of Brahminy kites from the sky dive into the river to catch their food. Len Tak Village is well-known as the island of the red-backed white-necked eagles, where 500-1,000 eagles nest and shelter. Here you can enjoy the eagle watch all year round. The eagles will leave their nests early in the morning and return around 4-5 o’clock in the evening.

After the great sight and adventure of the Brahminy kites, it is time to enjoy seeing fireflies at nighttime. This abundant mangrove forest has become a habitat of numerous fireflies. The easy road access makes a visit safe, convenient and enjoyable. Visitors can stop and enjoy the scene for hours as they please. This heart-melting scene from hundreds of fireflies sparkling on tree branches in the darkness throughout the route will be a long-lasting memory.