Gigantic Towering Dinosaur Skeleton


The most breathtaking moment for visitors entering the Museum is the gigantic structure of a dinosaur skeleton staring at them.

At the Sirindhorn Museum, about 20 species of dinosaur specimens are displayed. Most of them were bought from overseas. Out of those 20, there are the Sauropod fossils of the biggest herbivorous dinosaur that was first identified and discovered in Thailand, called Phuwiangosaurus sirindhornae.

In general, replica models of dinosaur fossils are exhibited in the Museum. The genuine fossils are kept securely in the Museum’s laboratory for security and further research.

The procedure of making a skeletal replica model that is recommended by paleobiologists is to cast a mould from the actual fossilised bone with materials like rubber and silicone. After the mould is taken off the bone, a fibreglass resin mixture is poured into the mould. The mixture is then left to set in place. These then become the fossil models that look exactly like the real fossils.

It took nearly 1 year for the Sirindhorn Museum staff to cast the enormous Phuwiangosaurus sirindhornae Sauropod’s display model consisting of approximately 400 pieces of skull, neck bones, cervical vertebrae, ribs, femur, hip bones, tail elements, etc.

Once all the pieces are completely cast, the reconstruction of the dinosaur was mounted with metal wire and structure, and set in a standing position with its long straight neck stretching out for an authentic expression.