The following are plant species found in the area of the Mangrove Resources Development Station 2 Ban Tha Sorn, Chathaburi, to be used as a manual for tourists and visitors to go explore the mangrove forests, and to get a better understanding of the different species available. Rhizophora apiculata Bl. (Kongkang Bai Lek) It is a medium- to large- sized perennial plant growing to 20-30 metres in height with the grey or pinkish grey outer bark. It produces stilt roots that may reach 3-8 metres
Known as the “Red-backed White-necked Eagle” by the locals in the Welu River estuary, these birds have a common name called “Brahminy Kites”. The Brahminy Kite is a medium-sized bird of prey. Female adults are bigger than the male adults. The length of a female when measured from its beak to the tail is approximately 51 cm while the total length of a male is shorter at approximately 48 cm. They are distinctive in appearance with a hefty body, short neck, big round eyes, and grayish beak with th
As the sky blackens, for other places, it is the time to close down for the day as there is nowhere else to visit. But at this Mangrove Resources Development Station 2 (Ban Tha Sorn), once the sky is darkening, there is have a breathtaking activity awaiting to explore. This is to experience the magnificent lit insects sparkling through the forest. At 7 o’clock, the station’s staff members will pick you up to begin the firefly tour. The electric trolley runs quietly along the firefly scene th
The Mangrove Resources Development Station 2 is located in the Welu River estuary, which is one of the biggest mangrove ecosystems in Thailand. This must-see highlight encourages visitors to walk and enjoy the beauty of the natural mangrove forests. The 1,200-metre nature trail on the wooden bridge goes through a variety of mangrove plants. There are six rest pavilions along the bridge. Each rest pavilion has different information boards with photos that will give you more insight about the
Once you visit the Mangrove Resources Development Station 2 (Ban Tha Sorn, Chanthaburi), you will enjoy not only the ecotours; such as, a boat tour to see Brahminy Kites, exploring mangrove forest, or fireflies watching, but also cultural and historical tours; such as, the ancient village where many famous local souvenirs including fish paste or sun-dried shrimps are freshly made daily. The Rong Mai Community is located at the end of Klong Bang Chan next to the Welu River estuary. To visit th
As you are visiting a coastal province like Chanthaburi, seafood is one of the most favourite foods you will think of. The staff members of the Mangrove Resources Development Station 2 will suggest you to take a boat ride to the oyster farm owned by Lung Maeo, located around 20 kilometres away from the Station’s port. For the seafood lovers, oysters are well-known due to their tasty flavor and excellent nutritional value. Lung Maeo’s oyster farm is located in the middle of the vast brack
Mangrove Resources Development Station 2 is located in the Welu River estuary in Klung District. This area is covered with plentiful resources of mangrove forests. It is one of the most popular attractions in Chanthaburi. Tourists who admire nature would be fascinated with the unique ecosystem of this mangrove forest by exploring and learning about the natural beauty, or joining our popular recreational activities available. Relaxing activities we proudly present are exploring the mangrove for