Suphattra Land is an orchard winning the Thailand Tourism Awards in 2010 and 2013: Award of Excellence for Agro-tourism Attractions in the Eastern Region. It can be guaranteed that the orchard is systematically managed, environmentally friendly, and quality-controlled in both productivity and surroundings. The orchard applies natural systems management, uses local wisdom, and produces bio-extracts free from chemicals. Knowledge is provided for tourists through a ride on the tram fuelled by natur
Suan Sadetyat takes care of its orchard with a mixture of organic farming and chemicals in order to produce fruits in season. It requires nutrient management technologies suitable for each plant at a reasonable cost to balance the return on investment. Therefore, a mixed organic-chemical fertiliser is used. Although organic fertiliser contains less nutrients and slowly gives them to plants, such nutrients consist of complete components and benefit all plants while the chemical fertiliser offers
Within the Centre, there are demonstrations of agricultural methods as H.M. the King initiated, including farming of fruits and animals, water retention, as well as the areas for study, experiment, and development of produce by organic farming. It is aimed to reduce production costs and the use of chemicals, so the produce will be safe for consumers, and can be sold in both domestic and international markets. The Centre has an outstanding performance on the aspects of “soil, water, and cultivati
Horticultural Research Centre – Chanthaburi is situated next to Khao Sa Bap, making its surroundings have plenty of fresh air and suitable for a collection of rare antique durian in Thailand. The current farmers prefer to plant only a few durian species serving the specific demand of the local durian market with the original species of durian being Chani, Kan Yao, and Mon Thong. The Centre did not only conduct research and develop durian species, but also collected varieties of durian, which wer
This Center for Philosophy of Sufficiency Economy demonstrates the practice of philosophy in action, including organic vegetable farm, farming in the net, fruit farming, bio-gas producing, organic fertilizer producing, orange juice processing, herbal insect repellant producing, and animal husbandry, for examples; bee, pig, goat, chicken, catfish, eel, frog, and worms. The center offers the exhibits of building the house from mud, starting from making a block from mud until the finishing of the
This fruit processing plant offers many products to visitors: crispy fried durian, vacuum-packed ripe durian, crispy baked jackfruit, crispy baked mango, and crispy baked pineapple. Visitors can taste and buy products from the shops here, which are much cheaper than the market price. Other souvenirs are fish sauce, shrimp paste, basketwork, and fresh fruits from the Trat Fruit Community Enterprise. The best selections of Trat are available here. The Oriental Garden won so many awards as it offer