More than 260 species of herbs are collected here for education as well as to be a recreational park for the public. They are categorised into 20 groups according to their medicinal properties; such as, blood tonic, anti-cancer, medicinal skin lotions, and aromatic treatment. Visitors can ride a bicycle or join a guided tour by a NGV car service with a local guide providing in-depth knowledge throughout various sections of the park while visitors can learn and enjoy sightseeing as well as be mor
The garden belongs to the village headman, Khamnueng Chanasit, a local of Tambon Song Phi Nong, Amphoe Tha Mai, Chanthaburi Province. He is the farmer who has applied knowledge and direct experience all his lifetime until becoming today’s success. He has opened his own house to be a centre welcoming all visitors to explore a garden running under the sufficiency economy concept as guided by HM. The King. Under the guideline of “Following the footsteps of Father ... being sufficient,” visitors wil
In the past, the Tha Luang area was a centre of trade in Chanthaburi dating back to 100 years ago. Making this area as a residential community of Chinese merchants - even until these days, those houses are well preserved as original as well as their ways of life. They are still beautiful in terms of architecture, design and decoration of the houses. The area demonstrates its uniqueness through the design of the doors and windows of fretwork patterns with delicate craftsmanship of the Chanthaburi
The agro-tourism of bees here provides academic knowledge as well as fun of behavioural studies and the life cycle of bees, and a variety of economic insects. Moreover, visitors can closely watch the raising of bees and producing of bee’s products. For those who want to practice raising bees, stingless bees, crickets and other insects which generate income for farmers, they can learn from the very initial steps until the final episode of getting pure honey, as well as other processes of producin
This herb garden is the resource of herbs, as it is responsible for supporting The Department of Medical Sciences for research and experimental production and medications. Inside the garden, there is a steaming factory, which divides herbs into their deserved processes: roots, wood, trunk, branches. With high humidity, these will be steamed first while the leaves will be sunbathed as it is easier. There are nurseries for rare herbs in order to preserve for further medication production. Visitors
Before leaving Chanthaburi, Ton Tamrap is a must for souvenirs as it is very famous among government agencies as well as the private sector that this place offers a variety of quality products, including seasonal fresh fruits, preserved fruits, local products of Chanthaburi; such as, famous Chanthabun mats, seafood, and gem stones. When visiting Chanthaburi and thinking of local souvenirs, you may find it is a tough job to shop for all of Chanthaburi’s famous souvenirs for all friends and relati